Package org.xqdoc.conversion

Interface Summary
XQDocParser This interface is implemented by the Parsers automatically generated from the ANTLR grammar.

Class Summary
XQDocComment This class knows hows to 'parse' through a string of text that consists of a xqDoc Comment block.
XQDocContext This class serves as the 'go between' for XQDocController and the parser.
XQDocController This class is the mainline controller for processing library and main modules.
XQDocPayload This class is a 'container' for information returned from XQDocController to the various drivers.
XQDocXML This class has the responsibility for generating xqDoc XML.

Exception Summary
XQDocException The base xqDoc exception that will be used by various xqDoc drivers and the XQDocController.
XQDocRuntimeException The base xqDoc runtime exception that will be used when processing a xqDoc Comment block.