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Our Mission? xqDoc provides a simple vendor neutral solution for documenting XQuery library and main modules, as well as tools to generate a user friendly presentation of this documentation and cross reference information. Read more about the mission.
Project Status? Today (January 13, 2014), the xqDoc team enhanced the xqDoc schema based on suggestions from the XQuery community. The following changes were incorporated:
  • We added an xqdoc:annotations element to each variable or function that uses annotations. Similar to Zorba's proposal, the xqdoc:annotation child nodes may have additional xqdoc:literal nodes with type attributes (xs:string, xs:integer, xs:decimal, xs:double) and values.
  • We added a xqdoc:namespaces element to the root element, which summarizes all prefixes and namespace URIs used or declared in the module.
  • Similar to xquerydoc (but contrary to the current official xqDoc schema), we added name and type elements to variables.
For a discussion of the changes read this note. We would like to thank Christian Grün (BaseX) for proposing and driving these changes within the xQuery community.

The updated schema is available here.

What's Next? It should not be a difficult exercise to develop drivers for other XML databases or XQuery processors. With the move to GitHub, it should now be easier for the community to further enhance xqDoc. As our schedule permits, we will continue to make enhancements.

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