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As with all software, the xqDoc conversion package and xqDoc presentation scripts make some assumptions about the XQuery library and main modules that are used as input to the conversion package, the resultant stored xqDoc XML, and the environment. This section highlights the current list of working assumptions.
  • Before a XQuery library or main module can be translated into xqDoc XML by the xqDoc conversion package, the module should be valid XQuery. The current xqDoc conversion package will parse a module, recognize tokens, and attempt to ensure a module is valid based on the XQuery BNF, but it will make no attempt to evaluate any XQuery expressions.
  • The xqDoc conversion package requires a minimum JRE 1.4.* and a minimum ANTLR version 2.7.5 .jar file.
  • All function declarations and variable declarations contained in a library module will be associated with the namespace URI of the library module.
  • The xqDoc conversion package makes no assumptions for a default function namespace if one is not explicitly specified in a library or main module. However, it is possible to set a default function namespace (through XQDocController) before processing a module. If functions are referenced (without a prefix) and no default function namespace has been specified, these function references will not appear in the xqDoc presentation.
  • The xqDoc conversion package should be able to correctly process library and main modules adhering to the W3C Recommendation for XQuery 1.0 (Jan 2007).

The following assumptions apply when an underlying XML database is used to store the xqDoc XML.

  • The driver programs will need access to a XML database to store the generated xqDoc XML. Similarly, the presentation scripts will need access to a XML database to execute the XQuery functions which produce the resultant xqDoc presentation XHTML.
  • The xqDoc XML associated with each XQuery library or main module needs to be placed into the collection 'xqdoc' when inserted into the XML database.