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This quick start guide provides instructions for using xqDoc with the Saxon Open Source XQuery processor The following instructions are based on Saxon-B version 8.9. However, none of the instructions are specific to this version so they should apply to subsequent (and likely earlier versions) as well.

Setting up the classpath

To run the xqDoc driver, you need the following jar files in your CLASSPATH.

From Saxon:


From xqDoc:

  • xqdoc_conv.jar available here
  • xqdoc_saxon.jar available here


This driver parses a set of XQuery files from the file system, stores the generated xqDoc XML into the filesystem, transforms the xqDoc XML to XHTML, and then removes the intermediate xqDoc XML files from the filesystem. The invocation should look as follows:

java org.xqdoc.lite.XQDocLite [file | dir] [file-extension] [xquery-version] [default-function-namespace] [predefined-namespace-mappings] [output-directory] [xqdoc-display]

  • file: individual XQuery library module to process.
  • dir: directory containing library modules to process.
  • file-extension: XQuery file extension (i.e. xq, xqy, etc.).
  • xquery-version: XQuery specification version (JAN2007). If an invalid version is specified, the driver defaults to JAN2007.
  • default-function-namespace: A URI value or 'default' to use the XPATH F&O.
  • predefined-namespace-mappings: semi-colon separated list of prefix=uri mappings or 'none'.
  • output-directory: directory for outputting the xqDoc xml and xhtml files.
  • xqdoc-display: Location of the XQuery module to render the output (optional). If not specified, will use the default version specified in the xqdoc_conv.jar.

So, assuming that ...

  • the XQuery files are in /home/test/xquery
  • the file extension is '.xq'
  • the XQuery files adhere to the Jan 2007 W3C XQuery 1.0 Recommendation
  • the resultant XHTML should be stored in /home/test/xquery/xqdoc

the correct command line would be ...

java org.xqdoc.lite.XQDocLite

Installation Verification

If user-defined XQuery library and main modules are not readily available, one of the XQuery samples distributed with Saxon can be used to verify the proper configuration of the Saxon environment and usage of the Lite driver provided for Saxon. To test the configuration, reference the Saxon samples/query directory (as the directory for the xquery files to process) when executing the XQDocLiteDriver. Then view the generated xqDoc presentation output.