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Basic Output

As explained earlier, xqDoc does not require an underlying XML database be used to store the generated xqDoc XML. Instead, the generated xqDoc XML can be stored in the filesystem and translated to XHTML by a XQuery processor (i.e. Saxon). This is likely the easiest mechanism for integrating xqDoc into a development project since the setup is trivial (no underlying XML database needs to be configured). However, it should be noted that there is some minimal functionality lost (basically, external hypertext linking to other xqDoc modules). But, for many projects, this tradeoff might be acceptable with the gains achieved through simpler integration.

This example presents the xqDoc XHTML view for the library module used to construct the xqDoc presentation output. When compared to the standard and enhanced outputs, the user experience difference becomes obvious. In particular, there is no longer a xqDoc welcome page that lists all of the xqDoc library and main modules (since the xqDoc XML is not stored in a XML database). When looking at the externally referenced sections (defined for each function), it also become apparent that the links are no longer hypertext linked.