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"xqDoc provides one of the core pieces of infrastructure needed to make XQuery successful. As the size of people's XQuery code has grown from a handful of files to full code libraries, including libraries from other people, xqDoc lets us keep a handle on all that code."

Jason Hunter [ founder of, an open forum for discussing XQuery ]

"Wow, this is great! It will solve almost all of my documentation problems. In particular, I like the listing of referenced functions and the possibility to view the corresponding code section."

Wolfgang Meier [ founder of eXist, an Open Source Native XML Database ]

"For those of us who write and use libraries, especially when these libraries get large, xqDoc may be very helpful indeed."

Jonathan Robie [ DataDirect's XQuery Program Manager ]

"One of the beauties of XQuery is the ability to define modular, reusable libraries. But if those libraries aren't documented, they are unlikely to be very useful. xqDoc provides the perfect non-proprietary solution. It's bound to become as important to XQuery as JavaDoc is to Java."

Priscilla Walmsley [ Author of the book XQuery and developer of ]

"Software architects and developers believe XQuery is the next SQL language for XML data or they believe XQuery is a full-on programming language. xqDoc does for XQuery as a programming language what JavaDoc does for Java. xqDoc enables the XQuery economy where reusable libraries are shared, sold, and used."

Frank Cohen [ the "go to" guy for SOA performance and XQuery evangelist ]